We provide high quality customized clothing labels, buttons, hanger, packaging to customers all over the world with the affordable price since 2012


In constant search of new materials and application solutions we keep our customers constantly updated about the new items we create.

By choosing recycled polyester, we’re able to deliver the same technical performance in fibers with a smaller environmental footprint.

Polsan button is present in the largest international trade fairs of the sector where it presents the new collections and the constantly updated results concerning sustainable production


Controlling emissions at workplace is fundamentally important for the safety of operators using unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins. The Low-Styrene Content resin has a reduced styrene percentage and therefore limits styrene emissions, odors and exposure in the work atmosphere. This low-styrene emission resin is meeting the applicable European exposure legislation and provides the same technical performance and mechanical properties when compared to standard resins.